For both our mischievous travelers this marks a new chapter in their lives. They have both spent far too much time studying and both have PhDs in marine science. But that is an old life and that is all we shall say about that…


Rule # 1

Michael is….

… a gentle and peaceful soul; kind, thoughtful. He considers everything he says and does in depth and is the most calm and level headed person. But he also has a cheeky sparkle in his eye and is prone to spontaneity. Michael has a quick and intelligent mind, and can work out just about anything if given the internet and some time. He is the artistic one, with his camera always in hand. Michael can get frustrated with himself but with Margie’s gentle encouragement usually works through it.

Rule # 2

Margie is…

… the practical ginger mumma, always planning and organising. Although she can be fiery and is prone to a little stressed-out arm waving; she secretly loves the chaos and crazy her boys bring to every day. Margie has a weak stomach which will see her throwing up more than a few times on this trip.



Rule # 3

Baz is ….

… a crazy little ginger adventurer. He has his dads sparkle is his eyes and is happiest when he is somewhere new. He is fearless and cannot sit still for more than two minutes at a time. He loves the water, swimming is quite possibly his favourite thing to do