50 Moments in Timor

There have certainly been quite a few fun, quirky, spectacular and head-scratching moments during our time in Timor Leste. Here are 50 of the more outstanding and/or bizarre:

There’s a crab in my high chair. Microlet buses. More potholes than road. Mud. Crocodiles active in this area. Goats on the beach. Pigs eating vomit. Skinny dogs. Chicken market. An old lady stole our rubber duck. Taxis with windscreen stickers making zero visibility. Buffalo walking past our tent. Fish hanging from a tree. Jaco Island. Cows on the beach. Catching rainwater on our tent. Pousada on top of a cliff. Empty spring-fed swimming pool. Lunch next to cow pats. Camping beneath Christo Rei. Beach-side markets. Inedible meats on a stick. Splashing in a monsoon downpour. Lake Ira Lalaro with an impassable motorbike bridge. Frozen strawberry drinks. Hotel Roberto Carlos. End of the road. Lost our car. Turned away from the embassy due to lack of long pants. Border crossings for visas.  Hermit crabs climbing trees. No crocodiles. Wide rivers. Waterfalls. Mountains. Broken drive shaft. Crowds of observers. No mountain. Hato Builico. Emergency two-wheel drive. Bogged. Cliff edges. Entire village showed up to watch us cook. Dew. Landslide. Robbed by criminals clearing a mudslide. So much mud on the sidesteps an earthworm took up residence. Balibo fort and museum. Broken recovery treads.


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